Cancelled: Launch of new conservative streaming platform


The Daily Caller today announced the launch of their new streaming service, Cancelled, which they believe will “fill a gap in the market” and “cater to conservative tastes which have been silenced by woke, leftist Hollywood groupthink”. The foundation of Cancelled is a landmark deal enabling the platform to feature content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+ and Quibi, which had hitherto been considered exclusive. This pioneering arrangement has been reached because Cancelled, due to launch in May, will show exclusively episodes of television which have been pulled from other platforms for containing blackface.

Founder Ben Shapiro spoke about what viewers can expect to find on launch: “It’s really a real crossing of the rubicon, so to speak. For so long, American culture, which is to say conservative culture, has been muzzled or silenced, but now, with the debut of Cancelled, you’re finally going to be able to find all your favorites under one roof. The blackface episode of Mad Men, the blackface episode of Community, the blackface episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Even some of the classic blackface Disney cartoons for the younger generation of conservatives.”

Shapiro also hinted at his ambitions for the platform: “That’s not all though. Exclusivity is one thing but in order to stay ahead, you have to be constantly making progress. I’m talking, of course, about new content. That’s why we’re currently in negotiations to secure new blackface episodes from some of your favorite shows. Blackface episodes of Breaking Bad, blackface episodes of Game of Thrones, blackface episodes of The Crown.  Shows like these and many, many others will be returning, with full original cast, to film exclusive blackface episodes for Cancelled. We’re also deep into talks with The Simpsons, about a dub of the new episodes, restoring the correct, original blackvoice incarnations of beloved characters like Apu, Carl and Dr Hibbert who have been recast by the woke mafia.”

Cancelled launches on May 31st with the debut of The Shapiro Cut of Song of the South and Michael Richards’ new stand up special, N-Word.

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