“Climate change” to be rebranded as “climate makeover” in PR drive


The phenomenon of “climate change” will now be referred to primarily as “climate makeover” following a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, financed by some of the world’s leading corporations. Logan, Lewis & Woods, the PR firm who secured the lucrative contract, had identified negative connotations of “climate change,” including water scarcity, coastal erosion and extinction of the human race, while stressing the need for a more inspiring label. “The fact of the matter is, for a lot of people, change is a word with lots of a baggage. By and large, Americans as a people are very afraid of change and I think that fear is driving a lot of the environment related hysteria we’ve been witnessing lately,” explained Matthew Howell, spokesperson at Logan, Lewis & Woods.

“Climate makeover is a much more exciting term and it showcases the positive aspects of the change. That way people aren’t moping over it like some kind of loss or breakup. Instead the planet is saying boy-bye to the ozone layer and embracing its potential with a hot new look! Literally!”

The phenomenon was initially referred to as “the greenhouse effect” in the 1980s before “global warming” came to the fore as the term of choice in the subsequent decade, with “climate change” becoming popular as a less intimidating label in the 2000s. However, as the impact on the planet becomes undeniable and the effects of climate makeover more and more visible in every day life, it was determined that more drastic action was required.

“We focus-grouped a number of options before settling on climate makeover,” revealed Howell. “Climate kerfuffle and climate brouhaha were two leading contenders but groups saw them as overly dismissive when what we really needed was something which showcased the exciting possibility of a new climate. And that’s where climate makeover comes in!”

Kevin Siko, Chief Executive at BP, spoke in glowing terms about the campaign: “We are ecstatic with the work the guys at Logan, Lewis & Woods have done and we are optimistic that future generations will not feel as tethered to quaint traditions like breathable air and drinkable water. For a long time the spark has gone out of our relationship so it’s time for the planet to consciously uncouple with the environment and get out there! Swipe right kiddos! That’s the good one right? Right?”

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