Make-A-Wish kid hosts SNL


Saturday Night Live made history this week, as for the first time in 880 episodes, a child from the Make-A-Wish Foundation was allowed to host the show. Ordinarily the prestigious honor is awarded to actors, singers, athletes or performers of some variety, with 49 year old Elon becoming something of a pioneer. Producer of the show, Lorne Michaels, took time out from unloading briefcases full of cash out of the trunk of a new Tesla to comment: “Is he a little more green than our usual hosts? Sure. Is he unconvincing playing a regular human being, nevermind a character? You bet. Am I pimping out my show as a gigantic vanity project? Of course! But if the world’s richest man wants to treat our show as Improv 101 for billionaires, who am I to stand in his way?”

Elon’s mother, Maye, was in attendance, having accompanied her son to the studio, making sure he didn’t get lost and she spoke glowingly about her pride upon witnessing her son fulfill his lifetime ambition “As a little boy in South Africa, Elon always dreamed of being a beloved public figure and making people laugh. He used to watch SNL every night and say ‘Mama, one day that will be me!’ and for a long time it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. He got very tied down with the whole ‘world’s richest man’ thing and it seemed like his dream might escape him. So I can’t tell you how delighted I am to be watching him host this show, entirely on merit.” 

While the episode did not offer much entertainment for viewers, Elon himself had a great time: quoting some of his favorite memes, speaking at length about cryptocurrency and pretending to be a big boy comedian. Some audiences have taken solace in seeing the world’s richest man embarrass himself on the world’s largest stage as vindication that all the money in the world seemingly cannot buy a sense of humor, and that in possessing the ability to tell a joke, they have something which Elon Musk will never own.

Despite consisting mostly of lows, the show did end on a high note, in the midst of the “Pickle Elon” sketch, the Elon character appeared to become frustrated at the lackluster audience response, breaking the fourth wall and yelling at the audience “Why aren’t you laughing you fuckers? This is good shit! You know what? You don’t know shit! You cast don’t know shit! You writers don’t know shit! You’re all a bunch of pedo guys!” before galloping off stage to Gangnam Style. 

Whilst the show predominantly portrayed Musk as a benevolent, meme-loving funster, this was a glimpse at the darker side of Musk’s persona.

It also allowed Musk to showcase his dramatic chops, as for the first time in the evening he did not seem to be stumbling over the autocue or mugging on camera. In fact, based off of many of the cast’s stunned reactions, and the fact that Musk did not return for the close of the show, you could almost believe the rant was completely unscripted.

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