Young boy disappointed after receiving the old strain of Covid-19 for Christmas


Aaron Forster, 13, of London, England was left disappointed after receiving the original strain of COVID-19 over the festive period, as opposed to the newer, highly contagious strain which is sweeping the United Kingdom. This mutation of the novel coronavirus, which has led to the UK being out on a travel ban by forty different countries, is up to 70% more contagious.

Despite this, tests revealed that Aaron’s parents had infected him with the older strain of the virus, after exposure during a Christmas shopping trip.

Tensions were already running high after Aaron was “the only boy in his year not to get a PS5 for Christmas” and despite his parents promising to “get him the new virus as soon as the shops reopened” a tantrum seemed unavoidable. “All my friends have the new COVID-19 and I’m the only one with the old virus and now everyone is going to laugh at me. There are no birthday parties because of lockdown but if there was I probably wouldn’t be invited because I don’t have the new virus.” said Aaron.

The tipping point proved to be Aaron’s discovery that his older brother, Lewis, had acquired the new mutation from one of his school friends but according to medical experts, would be unable to pass it down to him once he was done with it.

“What do you mean immune? Why does he always get the nice stuff and I get nothing? I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU! I WISH I WAS DEAD!” screamed Aaron as his parents attempted to placate him with the reassurance that he’ll be at the front of the line for the next pandemic.

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