Trump: “the proud boys are what I call my sons”

Morry Gash-Poll / Getty Images


Tuesday night’s first Presidential debate provided a cause for concern as President Donald Trump appeared to signal to white supremacist group, the Proud Boys telling them to “Stand back and stand by”. The President was asked to condemn the actions of hate groups and militias, with moderator Chris Wallace specifying the Proud Boys in particular. While the President complied, the vagueness of his phrasing has led many to believe that he was in fact issuing a call to arms, rather than a condemnation. 

However, President Trump has since clarified his remarks: “The Proud Boys are what I call my sons. Y’know Donald Junior, Barron and the other one? They’re my boys and they’re so proud to be my boys. So, so proud. So I call them the Proud Boys and I don’t know about any white supremacists or anything. Just very proud boys. And they’re right to be but some people, including and especially the media, are saying some very nasty things but Joe Biden by the way? You might want to take a look at his sons. Dead and on drugs.”

The President then faced a slew of questions, which he ignored, continuing: “And when I said I was a fan of the KKK? That wasn’t what I meant. I meant Kissing Knauss Konstantly. You know that’s Melania’s maiden name? And I love kissing her. I can’t stop. Because she’s so hot! So hot. Very, very hot! A perfect ten they say. And I only sleep with tens. Did you know she was a model? So I don’t have time for racism because I’m too busy sleeping with models. You know they say that Joe Biden is only running for President so he has less time to sleep with his wife, Jill? She’s a teacher. Very ugly profession.”

Unfortunately the President was unable to find time to field questions as he spent the remainder of the press conference showing off his new tattoo, which he referred to as a “Hindu peace symbol.”

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