Trump proposes delaying election until November 31st, Democrats insist election must be moved to date that actually exists

Tony Gutierrez / AP


Speaking at a rally in Jacksonville, President Trump once again raised the possibility of delaying the US presidential election. Many have speculated that President Trump may use the ongoing pandemic as justification for extending his stay in the White House illegitimately and addressing a crowd of boaters, he gave the clearest indication that that might be the case:

“We love November the 31st don’t we folks? A beautiful day, one of the very best days, but you know, they’re telling me we’ve never had an election then. It’s true. Very sad. Very, very sad. One of America’s proudest days with no election. So maybe we’ll change that. Maybe we’ll have the election then. It’s something we’re looking at very strongly. So maybe you’ll have your favorite President for a little while longer. We’ll see.”

The announcement was met with rapturous applause and chants of “Four more years” by the fleet of Floridian seafarers, with one voter praising the President for finally taking action to “Make November 31 st Great Again.”

Under the constitution, any change to the election date must be approved by both houses of Congress and with the House of Representatives being controlled by the Democrats, he is unlikely to have everything his way.

“President Trump is a gross offense to our American values of freedom and democracy,” said Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi “Every second he remains in office is a threat to the existential fabric of this nation and that is why we cannot abide a delay to November 31st, a date which does not even exist! Let me make things one hundred percent clear to you Mr President: We will only move the election to a date which actually exists.”

Pelosi’s defiant speech was hailed by Democratic voters as her greatest act of resistance, topping previous highlights of branding Trump, “Mr Make Matters Worse” or applauding him in a manner that could potentially be read as sarcastic after approving his budget.

Senate Republicans condemned Pelosi, with Senate Leader Mitch McConnell branding it an “obstructionist plot to dismantle our fine American institutions and traditions” and Texas Senator Ted Cruz hailing the President’s “vision and courage.” Cruz also accused Pelosi attempting to make the election date into a partisan issue, calling it “a slap in the face to true patriots and an insult to the memory of the brave troops who lost their lives on November 31st”.

However, the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden seemed more amenable to the delay, speaking to virtual supporters in an online event: “Listen, Mack, if Present Trump wants to delay the election then that’s fine by me. I’ll kick his ass six ways to Wednesday any day of the week and if he wants it to be on November 31st then that’s fine by me and I’ll always remember that day because it’s my wife’s birthday.”

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