“Separate the art from the artist” begs dog actor accused of biting mailman


Winston, the canine star of a popular series of dog food commercials, has begged for the public to “separate the art from the artist” after he has been accused of biting a mailman.

“I recognize that I have greatly disappointed my fans. In what was a fleeting, uncharacteristic moment of poor judgment, I realize that I may have done irreparable damage to those who I value above all else,” barked Winston. “While I stole America’s hearts with my ability to beg, I know it isn’t right for me to ask your forgiveness, all that I request is to please not let this indiscretion define my entire career and to please separate the art from the artist. Whatever personal baggage I may carry, I don’t want it to prevent people from enjoying my incredible back catalogue of commercials.”

His remarks have divided the Winston fan community with some calling for the dog to be banished and even put down. “He has some nerve. Winston has disappointed all of us. He is literally dead to me” commented WinstonFan420 “I saw one of his old commercials on Youtube and it literally sickened me. He was supposed to be a role model and he goes around biting mailmen? What are my puppies supposed to think if they see that? Winston deserves a one way ticket to the farm upstate if you ask me.”

W1n$t0nsB1tch was one of many to defend the disgraced dog, posting “That mailman was asking for it! When Winston has served his time, is he never supposed to work again?” as the forum devolved into a heated debate about whether Winston should have a future in the industry and whether fans were capable of enjoying his rich back catalogue of work.

Winston came to prominence as the official face of Chow dog food, starring in over 20 advertising campaigns before he was dropped following the mailman allegations. Unfortunately this is not the first occasion Winston has been accused of harboring anti-mailman sentiment, as in 2016 he became embroiled in a scandal when a number of old tweets resurfaced. Included amongst these were a number of threats and discriminatory posts including: “Thinking of a new flavor for the new Chow range. #mailman #delicious”, “Just read about the USPS shootings. If any mailman pulled a piece on me he’d be getting my teeth in his legs. #onsight” and “New envelope slinger in the neighborhood. Hate those dumb shorts he’s wearing. #WinstonDontHurtHim.”

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