Royal Canadian Legion debuts commemorative Poppy NFT


The Royal Canadian Legion has announced it will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the poppy appeal with a set of exclusive Remembrance NFTs. 118,000 pieces of unique digital artwork have been created, honouring the Canadians who lost their lives in the World Wars, and are set to be auctioned via blockchain.

The auction, which is due to go live at 11:00am on 11th November, with prices starting at 0.1111 ETH, is attracting attention from both those who wish to honour the fallen and NFT collectors alike.

Benjamin Lawrence, a 43 year old man from Burlington, Ontario, hopes to win the auction for his grandfather’s NFT: “I never met my grandfather, he was killed in action while my mother was just a child. They grew up very poor so they never had many photographs. If we could win this token I know it would really mean a lot to her, it would be like bringing a little piece of him back home.”

Meanwhile, social media user Piss_Ape_69 also has designs on Private Tremblay, Benjamin’s grandfather: “I love collecting NFTs and these ones are very limited edition so they’re super valuable. If you get in early and scoop up someone’s dead relative then you can essentially hold them to ransom so these poppy NFTs are an asset with no cap on their value. I’m going to ride this old guy to the moon! Plus some of them died in really cool ways! Private Tremblay got shot through the ear so it’s just a really cool piece of art that’ll look great in my collection.” Piss_Ape_69’s collection currently consists of an ape smoking a joint, an ape smoking a bong, a lion wearing an eyepatch and an image of John Wayne Gacy depicted as the Joker.

Not everyone is in favour of the project however, with some saying calling it “a gross act of digital necromancy” and a “shameless exploitation of those who already paid the ultimate price in service of their country.” The Laurier, family of Fredericton, have even launched legal action, calling for the removal of the Douglas Laurier NFT

Michael Fraser, digital outreach officer with the Royal Canadian Legion refused to back down: “We need to face the facts that younger generations aren’t buying physical poppies so we need to move with the times. The digital poppy program brings us into the 21st century and ensures that these brave men’s sacrifice will never be forgotten. 

We’ve shown we are receptive to feedback. We can acknowledge that 2018’s exclusive poppy Fortnite skin wasn’t one of our best ideas but we standby these NFTs as an appropriate tribute to our war heroes.”

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