Questions for Joe Rogan Presidential Debate leaked


Joe Rogan has found himself at the centre of a storm of controversy this week after he floated the idea of an additional, four hour presidential debate, with himself as the host. The podcaster’s suitability for such a role was a source of immediate scrutiny, with critics considering The Joe Rogan Experience too low- brow a platform for the prestigious honour of hosting President Donald Trump and Vice President Biden’s meeting of minds. The furore shows no signs of abating after Rogan appeared to leak his debate questions on Twitter. Although deleted minutes later, Rogan posted a screenshot of questions, such as “Are you an ass or a titties man?”, “How much are you currently pressing bro?” and “Tell me, who would win in a fight? Batman or Darth Vader?”

Rogan is undeniably an influential figure, with a recent Spotify deal making him the highest paid podcaster in the world and his show consistently being one of the most listened to podcasts in the U.S. Despite hosting a number of controversial figures, Rogan carries a lot of sway across the political spectrum, his endorsement of Bernie Sanders was seen as a significant moment in the primary campaign and both parties are aware of the opportunity offered by his platform. Rogan’s demographic is seen as predominantly male, low-information voters who do not fit into conventional party politics. Much in the image of Rogan himself, who since the defeat of Sanders, has expressed a preference for Trump over Biden.

When reached for comment, Rogan defended his questions: “America is going to be voting for a commander in chief and I think it’s important we know if that guy thinks it would be easier to fight an aquatic gorilla or a shark with legs. These are very real threats that our nation could be facing and the American people have a right to know.

The legalization of marijuana is one of the biggest issues of our time and it’s not going away any time soon. Thousands of Americans are behind bars because of outdated drug laws and that’s why it’s critical I know what the candidate’s favorite strain of kush is.”

Both Presidential candidates have voiced their support for the debate with President Trump tweeting “Many say Joe Rogan is the Trump of podcasts. Very BIG ratings. Much BIGGER ratings than sad losers of Call Her Daddy. Very ugly by the way. See you on the show Joe!!”

Whilst the Democratic nominee Joe Biden addressed the matter in a press conference: “The Joe Rogan Experience has listened to Kamala and I, I’m sorry, I mean, Jill and I, on the wireless for years. I’m a big fan and I can’t wait to tell Jimi all about how we’re going to defeat Donald Trump cause those black dudes sure can play guitar that’s for sure.”

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