North American country concludes regular election in long, but otherwise unremarkable affair


The United States of America, a large country located between Canada and Mexico, has finally concluded its presidential election, after a few days delay, in an otherwise unremarkable affair. The country of 330 million people goes to the polls ever every four years to elect a new president – who is typically selected from one of two major parties: the Democrats (Liberal) or the Republicans (Conservative). The recently concluded 2020 bout pitted a former Reality TV Star against a man with fewer sexual assault allegations. Despite the TV Star being the incumbent President the results indicate his rival – a 78 year old white man with a stutter – has won the national election.

Unlike in most developed countries, such as The People’s Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Uzbekistan, in the United States of America (USA) democracy is practised by millions of voters who choose their preferred candidate for the position of President. Predictably this results in an unstable and inconsistent governance where the ill-informed electorate alternatingly vote back and forth between which party – or celebrity – they want to elect as president. Many came into this election under the impression that the resolute and unforgiving style of the incumbent President was about to usher in a wave of change which would help the party in power to remain for many years to come. However this was not the case.

Despite these forebearings the President demonstrated substantial weakness when he decided not to rig the election. In fact, in a move of total submission he has made a series of claims that the opposition were the ones who rigged the election despite the fact that they were not the party in power. Often regarded as nation with highly controversial elections due to the victories of celebrity figures, such as former actors, TV stars, or, on one occasion, a minority, and the 18 month media circus that surrounds each election cycle, this one proved fairly boring. Considering the election went ahead with no evidence of ballot-box stuffing, large scale voter intimidation, or even a simple declaration that the incumbent had won 98% of the vote (this claim has not been fact checked) it must be said that this has been an unremarkable round of elections in a country increasingly losing its reputation as a bastion of true democracy. 

The only elements of note in this mostly conventional popular election were that it drew a record number of voters – lowering the average IQ of the electorate by 4 points – and resulted in the election of the oldest man in the country.

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