Man accidentally books Four Seasons Hotel to lay new flowerbed


A Pennsylvania resident was left embarrassed after an administrative error resulted in him accidentally booking Philadelphia’s Four Seasons hotel to plant some begonias. Trevor Donald, 57, had been looking forward to some Saturday morning gardening but found his plans disrupted by the as yet unexplained mix-up.

“Everyone knows Four Seasons are the biggest name in landscaping so you can imagine how I felt when, after laying down a non-refundable deposit, I discovered I had instead booked a high end hotel. 

I had no idea something was wrong until a bell boy turned up on my doorstep. I was just in utter disbelief! I’d never even heard of the Four Seasons hotel so I can’t imagine how this could have happened. You say Four Seasons to anyone in Philly and they immediately think landscaping.”

Attempts to correct the error were unsuccessful as Four Seasons Landscaping had taken on a last minute booking Saturday morning and were consequently unavailable. Consequently, a defeated Donald addressed the local media gathered at the Four Seasons: “This is a very, very dark day for me. I feel like an utter laughing stock and I’m forced to concede that my landscaping will not be getting done today.” 

Donald’s plans to console himself also took a beating when he discovered that, unlike it’s name sake, this Four Seasons was at least fifteen blocks away from the nearest adult book store: “It’s an absolute farce. I just hope whoever booked the real Four Seasons is having a better time than I am.”

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