Kardashians cancel long-running reality show after discovering OnlyFans


The long-running E! reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians is coming to an end, it was announced on September 8th. The popular reality show about an affluent and famous family of divas will have run for 14 seasons, from 2007-2021. While the Kardashians were quick to call the move to end their show a “difficult decision” they did not expand on their motives for cancelling one of the most legendary programs on television. Sources close to Kim Kardashian West note, however, that it was just a week before they announced the cancellation of KUWTK that Kim discovered the content creator site, OnlyFans, which is renowned for its popularity with pornographers and sex workers. 

Kim Kardashian West rose to fame being featured as the friend and stylist of Paris Hilton on her reality show The Simple Life. However, it was before the launch of her own program, KUWTK, that she made international news when a sex tape was leaked of her and her boyfriend Ray J. While she initially filed a lawsuit to halt the publication of the video, Kardashian eventually settled for $5m allowing the tape to be released under the name Kim Kardashian, Superstar. This prompted speculation that the whole episode may have simply been a marketing ploy to promote the TV show’s debut. Kardashian continued to court media attention with stunts and controversies such as her 72 day marriage to basketballer Kris Humphries, her 2014 nude photoshoot “Break the Internet,” and marrying the man destined to be emasculated by 2020 Presidential Election.

Speculation has followed that the cancellation of KUWTK may herald a long-awaited return to pornography for Mrs. Kardashian West. While she has remained silent on the subject, a media spokesperson connected to the family was quick to commend the idea as a new peak of artistic experimentation for the model and socialite. 

“We all know that Kim has made a career summiting the peaks of artistic genius. She is the producer and star of a legendary TV show with multiple spin offs, she demonstrated the fickle power of love with her 73 day marriage, and she made a best selling sex tape. A return to her roots would be an incredible venture for someone approaching 40 years old. Just think about the symbolism. A 40 year old woman bearing it all, in total vulnerability, showing her eager audience the humbling effects of ageing on a vivacious body. Let’s not forget that many saw her in the nude thirteen years ago and she’s had four children since then. And she’s actually given birth to two of them! What a fascinating social experiment to see reactions from horny teenagers who have since become dissatisfied husbands and what they think of this remarkable transformation. If it’s true it’s artistic heroism and also very profitable.”

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