Kardashian fans pen apology letter for being too demanding

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Thousands of fans of the Kardashian family have signed an open letter to Khloe Kardashian apologizing for being too demanding of their favourite media idol after she accused them of having “impossible standards.” In a vulnerable social media post, Khloe admitted that she had tried to have an unfiltered image of herself removed from the web because, like any unfiltered or unretouched photo, it exposed her to ridicule and judgement from the people that adore her most. This candid moment from the multi-millionaire celebrity has caused many of her most ardent fans to take pause for reflection and re-evaluate the pedestal on which they have placed her.

Allison Stewart is a mega-Kardashian fan and Khloe is her favourite of the three sisters. Allison relates to her as both one of the younger and middle Kardashian children who is often overlooked because of her older siblings. The recent controversy struck a deep chord with her. “Khloe is someone I look up to everyday,” she confessed. “Quite literally I have a poster of her above my bed. I love Khloe. Everyday I look at her new pics and think if she can be this unrealistically beautiful so can I. But whenever I see a photo with the slightest semblance of blemish, or just authenticity really, it makes me doubt myself and my beauty. At that point the only thing I can do is go to her IG and start calling her names like: ‘You fake skank bitch.’ ‘Nobody likes you anyway.’ ‘You’ve always been the ugly one.’ ‘Go eat some ice cream, fatty.’”

“I’ve been involved in this superfan routine now for about eight years. This leaked photo nearly ended it for me. But when she came out to explain how it was my fault that she couldn’t be beautiful I realized it was all true. I’m the reason she’s can’t be real.”

Jemima Jones, from California, feels similarly. “That photo…. at first I thought: ‘what a duplicitous slutcake’. But after seeing her reaction and looking deep into myself I had to admit: it’s actually pretty cute. Even behind all the filters and glossing it turns out she’s really quite beautiful. I’m not sure how I never saw that.” She concluded, “I have to take full responsibility though, it’s my fault for not seeing her as a real person and it’s my impossible standards that have prevented Khloe from being able to come out as a normal person.”

Thousands of fans like Allison and Jemima have now signed an open apology letter to Khloe, taking responsibility for this latest drama and assuring her that she is beautiful in every photo, filtered or not. The letter starts, “We apologize, unconditionally, for creating an environment in which your team was forced to frantically try and scrub an unfiltered image from the internet so that we wouldn’t relentlessly pick it apart and harass you about it as a symbol of our affection for you.” So far the letter has over three hundred thousands signatures.

Nonetheless, decades of this kind of criticism have taken a toll on Khloe’s psyche. Speaking sincerely, she admitted, “Underneath this veneer of a millionaire who got rich off promoting unrealistic beauty standards, I’m a real person with the same real insecurities, fears, and expectations that all girls face. The only difference is I’m rich. But just because I’m rich doesn’t mean I can buy the satisfaction and unconditional adoration of everyone I have ever tried to sell my makeup and a++ list brand to.”

“Being me is probably the hardest thing in the world,” she continued. “If a nuclear scientist messes up people might die but everyone understands, if the guy who makes a vaccine messes up people might die but everyone understands, if a builder posts an unflattering photo to IG nobody dies but everyone understands, but if I post an unflattering photo everybody dies and nobody understands.”

When asked if it might be easier to embrace a more authentic and natural persona online she had to hold back tears, “See, there it is again. Your judgement. You are judging me right now and it makes me feel so insecure. I have to live with this everyday and I can’t bear it.”

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