Jordan Peterson “shocked” as comic book villains continue to espouse his “12 Rules For Life”


Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson has revealed his “shock and horror” as yet more comic book villains follow the lead of The Red Skull and advocate for Peterson’s teachings. A recent issue of Captain America, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, saw the famous Nazi skeleton endorse Peterson’s, soon to be, 31 Rules For Life. The revelation came via a twist, where a clear Peterson stand-in who appeared to be a man with white flesh pulled off a mask revealing he is in fact the infamous Red Skull. 

The Red Skull made a number of covert references to Peterson as he addressed a lecture theatre full of followers: “Young men, we must reclaim what has been stolen from us by the SJWs. We shall slay their dragon of chaos with the sword of order … In the words of my favorite University of Toronto professor: ‘I don’t tell people ‘you’re okay the way you are’. That’s not the right story,” along with the more over reference: “I love Dr Jordan B Peterson because he’s a Nazi, like I am.”

Peterson objects to this characterisation: “The idea that the Red Skull would be a fan of mine is preposterous. What you have here is a guy who has failed completely. On numerous occasions. To defeat Captain America and usher in a fourth reich. And we can see that he’s taken no personal inventory whatsoever. He’s never thought to assess that, you know, perhaps doing things the same way he’s always done them isn’t the best way to go about achieving his goals. In many ways, he’s exactly the same character as he was when he debuted in 1941. If he were truly a follower of mine, then I’d really be expecting him to be having a serious talk with himself about getting his act together.”

The Red Skull appears to have started a trend, with a slew of other comic book villains coming out as Peterson fans in recent issues. Everyone from Loki to Lex Luthor, from Killer Croc to the Green Goblin, from Magneto to Thanos have been revealed as Peterson acolytes.

As far as Peterson is concerned, the most troubling is the soon to be published Batman storyline: An Antidote To Joking? which sees the Joker trade in his anarchic philosophy in favor of following Peterson’s rules of order and discipline. Preview pages have rocked the comic world as for the first time ever, the Joker is shown infiltrating the Batcave and organizing Batman’s mess. “Always make your bed before you fight crime, Batman. You can’t expect Gotham to respect you if you don’t respect yourself enough to keep the Bat Cave tidy, ”reads one of the Joker’s early interactions with the Caped Crusader.

“Well, I mean, it’s good advice, no one is disputing that, but the notion that the Joker, who at a fundamental level is a representation of anarchy would even give a second’s thought to my philosophy which refutes his raison d’etre on every single level, it’s just patently absurd. It’s really just another example of the confusing world which young men find themselves growing up in. They’re told to be ashamed of who they are. They’re told right is wrong. They’re told men are women. And now they’re told the Joker is a fan of mine?

It’s a real hole in our wider cultural mythology and that’s why I’m taking this opportunity to launch my own superhero comic: Archetypal Man. He’s a mild mannered psychology professor by day but by night he fights against the forces of evil and his arch-nemesis, Marxism Woman.” Archetypal Man #1 is available now and comes with a free copy of Peterson’s best selling expanded 31 Rules For Life.

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