Joe Biden attends Met Gala dressed as a giant vaccine syringe


The much heralded and envied Met Gala returned this year after a year off due to Covid. As usual, hundreds of celebrities and stars were in attendance flashing some amazing and controversial attire. Congresswomen AOC made a bold statement wearing a white dress with “Tax the Rich” emblazoned across the back, while Lil Nas X came decked out as a medieval C3PO, and both Erykah Badu and Kim Kardashian somehow came dressed as dementors. But the winner of the evening’s award for stunning fashion could be no other than sitting US President, Joe Biden, who attended the ceremony dressed as a giant vaccine syringe.

Biden, who recently mandated that all federal employees must be vaccinated by Nov 22, has been a champion of the vax push from atop the executive branch. So the messaging behind his outfit at the Gala was lost on no one. Despite that, the President did his utmost to remind the assorted guests and media of their duty by bending down and pretending to vax them, one by one, with the head of his syringe. The lark caused bouts of laughter and stares of disbelief from the celebrity guests who weren’t used to seeing such unruly decorum from a sitting (Democratic) President. The fun was ultimately short-lived however when Biden landed his syringe on Rihanna’s butt and nearly expired after the laser-powered death stare which followed. 

The syringe, an Yves Saint Laurent original, took over four hours to design after the President was awarded a late invitation to attend, which, the organizers assumed, he wouldn’t be able to make. Nonetheless, arriving with his wife Jill, President Biden made an immediate impact with his outfit and regular exuberance. Speaking to reporters on the red carpet he sounded typically indignant: “The reason I came tonight- … look, the reason I came- …  the real reason I came tonight- … Well it’s gotta do with vaccines don’t it, Mack? I mean that’s obvious! Just look at me! You don’t think I dress like this every day?”

He continued, “I was honoured to receive an invite and as soon as it came through I cancelled all my appointments, including what was going to be a hot date with Mr. Trudeau. I love Americans of all kinds and I would be desperately unhappy with myself if I didn’t take this opportunity to meet with some of our societies brightest and make sure they understood that if they don’t get the vax then I am going to Patriot Act the bejeezus out of their asses. Now that’s a promise!”

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