Israeli heavyweight boxer to fight Palestinian infant in charity match


Retired Israeli heavyweight boxing champion, Michael Morad, is returning to the ring to fight a Palestinian child in what he is billing as “the fight of the century” with proceeds going towards Israeli victims of trauma.’

Morad took time out of explaining why the Israel-Palestine conflict was a complicated issue to hype up the fight: “Yes, I am the greatest Israeli boxer of all time, undefeated in 37, 28 victories by knockout, but on the other hand I’ve been retired for seven years now and I’m getting on a bit. On the other hand, as an eight month old baby, Sami is a bundle of youthful energy and vigor. I think all things accounted for it’s going to be an incredibly close fight and people are in for a great contest.”

The fight was Morad’s brainchild, conceived in response to what he sees as biased media coverage against his home country’s treatment of Palestine. “People say that it’s not right for a country backed by the largest military superpower in the world to be indiscriminately bombing Palestinian men, women and children under a flimsy pretense of fighting terrorism but what people neglect to mention is it really hurts Israeli’s feelings. There’s so much focus devoted to Palestinians being evicted from their homes, detained in camps and murdered indiscriminately that it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that Israel has feelings too. And it sucks to see your country accused of ethnic cleansing or genocide. People often forget that war has two sides and that’s what I’m hoping to remind people by fighting Sami this week.

If I can get people to just challenge their preconceptions and to see this as a balanced fight rather than a horrendously imbalanced act of violence and brutality then I’ll have done my job. Maybe it’ll even be like a Rocky IV moment! May the best man/baby win!”

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