Investor convinced she’s the next Warren Buffet after making $15 on penny stocks from the stock market recovery.


Penny Thomas is billing herself as a future Wall Street mogul after the stock market recovery grew her portfolio by $15.00. Following the 2020 market crash, Penny decided to start day-trading with $100.00 in her account, mainly investing in a few select penny stocks (an irony she acknowledges as the only reason she started investing in the first place). After a few months of uncertainty, market recovery has allowed her to claim fifteen whole dollars as her stocks gained nearly 60 cents on average. The upturn has given her a remarkable sense of confidence in her previously untapped potential as a financier.

The story of this soon to be one-percenter begins in modesty. Penny was born into a lower-middle class family and graduated from SFU with a BA in Creative Writing. She has since spent some years in the hospitality industry as a bartender and server desperately trying to finalize her first novella. Until her recent foray into the market she had no previous experience in finance except in paying back student loans and spending a little too much on a girls weekend to Seattle – a fact that makes her substantial gains ever more remarkable. Talking about her financial goals, she explains that she first hopes to pay off her student loans and then start saving for her first billion. Asked about her talent she had this to say “I guess I just have a good sense of these things. Everything I’ve touched has more or less gone up. People say the market is just recovering but I don’t see it that way.” She went on to note that she has already ordered over $300 in books related to finance and stocks to increase the rate of her astounding returns – a fact that mathematicians will quickly point out already amounts to a net loss of $280.

She said it here first ladies and gentlemen. And also on Social Media. And also to anyone who would listen. Penny Thomas billionaire class of 2045.

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