Intern struggles with “respectful 9/11 post”


A teenage intern is struggling to find the line between respect and commerce for a 9/11 post. Lewis the Intern has been working for Jameson Juice for the past six months, predominantly dealing with social media posts, a position which has been relatively free from responsibility until now. However, Lewis has been tasked with making a post to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil which meets the brief “Honor the fallen but remind people they can remember while still drinking juice.”

9/11 has loomed over Lewis’s internship, with the aspiring PR manager agonizing over the dilemma for the entire month of September, however he is no closer to a resolution. 

An image of a plane crashing into two gigantic bottles of juice was discarded as “exploitative” while Lewis’s suggestion of a simple “Never Forget” with a small company logo was dismissed as “Very much lacking on the juice front.” 

Lewis’s manager, Joe, explained: “It’s fine. No one’s saying it isn’t. It’s just it could have come from anyone. And 9/11 is one of the biggest events on the corporate calendar. We need to be saying ‘This is us! We did this! We care about 9/11 more than you and why don’t you replenish those tears with some delicious homemade juice?’ That’s why Lewis is here. To bring his unique zoomer angle. His generation know social media better than anyone! Maybe it doesn’t even need to be a post. We’d be open to a 9/11 TikTok as long as it was respectful. And shifted a lot of units. But in a respectful way. While increasing sales. Respectfully”

Time is rapidly running out, with brands such as Mr Christie’s Cookies and Charmin Toilet Paper posting their touching tributes/advertisements hours ago, yet Lewis is no closer to a breakthrough, bemoaning: “I’m 18 years old! I wasn’t even alive when 9/11 happened! I just took this stupid internship because my mom said it would look good on my resume!”

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