In gesture of reconciliation, John Bolton promises congressional Democrats that all proceeds from his new tell-all book will be donated to the Republican party

Joshua Roberts / Reuters


Former National Security advisor John Bolton has agreed to compromise with Senate Democrats over their claim that his refusal to testify during the impeachment of Donald Trump sunk their chances of removing the president. In order to make amends with those across the aisle he intends to donate all the proceeds of his new book The Room Where it Happened: A White House Memoir to the Republican Party. In a press statement the longtime Republican and neo-conservative attested that he wanted to split with the image that his refusal to testify in the Senate trial was motivated out of financial aspirations to increase revenues from his upcoming book release. In fact, he notes, it was out of pure spite.

Asked about his donation to the Republican party rather than to the Democrats, with whom he appeared to be reconciling, his spokesperson had this to say: “Mr. Bolton was witness to many extraordinary and unbelievable events in the White House during the Trump presidency. You can read about these things and Mr. Bolton’s personal reflections, by the way, in his latest memoir: The Room Where it Happened: A White House Memoir. During these times it became obvious to Mr. Bolton just how doomed the Republican party was. With the Democrats front runners to win the next round of elections, Mr. Bolton figures that to help them out he will give more money to the Republican party in order that the GOP can keep the Dems honest. After all – democracy is about balance and accountability, he has recently come to appreciate.”31

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