Guy who has been doing Borat voice for fourteen years excited to be relevant once again with release of new Borat film


Todd from your high school, who has been dining out on a serviceable Borat impression for fourteen years, is hotly anticipating the release of the film’s sequel this Friday.

Todd has made it surprisingly far in life by recycling a limited number of Borat quotes, with surveys showing 23% of people consider Todd to have a “great personality” and one third of participants noting his “real sense of humour” despite him not having made a joke in his own voice since 2006.

“To be honest, the Borat thing was getting kind of old.” confesses Todd. “I was thinking I might have to retire the bit and find something else. Do I become a Family Guy quote guy? That market is pretty saturated as it is. Can I jump on the Pickle Rick bandwagon? I even gave a thought to retiring from comedy altogether. But then I heard Sacha Baron Cohen was making a sequel and I was like ‘Very nice! Great success!’”

As he searches the attic for his mankini, Todd recounts the impact Borat has had on his life. “I met my wife, sorry, MY WIFE because of Borat. We were at a bar and she heard me from across the room. It was her favorite movie and you know what they say, the rest is history.” Todd first saw Borat on DVD at a friend’s house as a thirteen year old, soon after he started yelling quotes from the film and he has never looked back.

It hasn’t all been great success however. “I would probably say it has been a case of diminishing returns. Fourteen years ago there was nothing funnier than quoting Borat but now it’s not quite as much of a crowd pleaser. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that some people don’t even find it funny at all! 

You don’t hear as many kids quoting the movie these days. They’re more interested in TikTok than they are Korky Buchek. As a Borat fan it makes you fear where the next generation is coming from.”

Quoting Borat incessantly has even got Todd into trouble, after a previous employer who was unfamiliar with the movie failed to see the funny side to Todd’s frequent anti-Semitic outbursts. 

Despite this, Todd claims he never lost faith: “For years it seemed like Sacha Baron Cohen was waving Borat 2 in front of our faces saying ‘You will never get this. Lalala!” but I just knew, time is a flat circle and if I persisted long enough eventually things would come back around and now we get this!”

The film is due to be released on Amazon Prime this Friday, in time for the US election, something which adds an extra level of excitement for Todd. “I heard that the second one is about President Trump and I can’t wait to see him get treated in a humorous, yet respectful, way. My favorite comedian and my favorite President? High five!”

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