Florida school renamed after massive donation from Iranian Supreme Leader in the wake of yearbook photoshop scandal


A Florida School is undergoing a radical name change after receiving a substantial donation from someone supportive of their efforts to censor female students appearance in their most recent yearbook publication. The Ayatollah Khomeini Mashallah High School, in St. Johns, achieved notoriety this past week after it was exposed that the supervisors of the school’s yearbook had photoshopped nearly 80 pictures of their female students to conceal cleavage and other elements of “immodest” attire. Following a backlash that made waves internationally, the school, formerly named Bartram Trail High School, received a surprising donation from a wealthy benefactor, clearly in support of their conservative stance on dress code.

Initially, after the school announced the receipt of a massive $3.5 million donation, it was speculated that it must have come from a conservative mega-donor like Charles Koch or possibly a Conservative PAC. The mystery didn’t last for long, however, when the school announced its new name to honour the remarkable largesse.

Public figures have been quick to voice their dismay and consternation after it was revealed the donation came directly from the office of Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, was one of a number of voices across the state and nation to react in outrage as a decades old foe reached their hand into the heart of America’s traditional pastimes. “The fact that Joe Biden has allowed Islamic Stalin to invade our country with his politics and his religion in order to undermine the tenets of our American way of life is unacceptable and frankly exemplary of today’s culture of wokeness. I will be doing everything in my power to legislate against this abomination and I look forward to challenging President Biden to a pistol duel at 12 paces if he does not place additional sanctions on Iran in response to this brass charge of sedition.”

The wake of this scandal has left many Republicans adrift after their traditional conservative platform has been dramatically usurped by the Islamist leader. Some, though, such as the under-fire congressman, Matt Gaetz, have had little difficulty in marching to the beat of a new drum.

The Republican, who is in the spotlight for pedophilia and sex trafficking, is trying to raise several million of dollars of his own in an effort to rebrand nearby St Johns High School as the President Donald J. Trump Pussygraber High School. The name, he feels, strikes at the heart of the American values. “I can’t think of anyone more American than Donald J Trump, our President who was sinisterly robbed of reelection, and I can’t think of an American value more cherished than pussy-grabbing. Young girls want to have their genitals grabbed and I- I mean young boys – want to grab genitalia. It’s a tale as old as time itself. The idea that we should be censoring young women’s cleavage and curves is frighteningly backwards and very representative of an ignorant culture like Islam. We should be freeing young women from the shackles of censorship and the younger they are the more uncensored they should be.”

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