Facebook to release Pride subscription service with different features depending on how users identify


Shortly after Twitter announced their new Blue subscription service, social media giant, Facebook, unveiled their own service giving users upgraded capabilities to customize their social experience. The new paid-subscription service, named “Pride,” will offer dozens of extra features to users depending on how they identify. 

“Pride,” Facebook says, is a way to “assert greater echo chamber control over an increasingly triggering social media environment. Each one of our amazing users hosts a remarkable and unique racial, sexual, and political identity which is naturally open to all kinds of abuse, transgressions, and hostility while online. ‘Pride’ puts you back in control of your identity and how special it is.” 

The platform has more than seventeen unique identity tags that users can select from, although only can be chosen at a time. For users who identify as Liberal, you can expect to see perks such as the ability to suspend your racist uncle’s account for up to 48 hours twice a month; a tag added to posts indicating that the poster has “checked their privilege”, and a “Donate to Black Lives Matter” button for each time you see racial injustice appear on your news feed.

Conservative, on the other hand, has a relatively limited feature list which mainly includes a terms and conditions pop-up asking “Are you sure you want to post this?” and the ability to replace text posts with videos of Donald Trump saying all the words you’d like to use. 

Other identities to choose between include: Bisexual, will block every straight man from someone’s friend list automatically so they’re less tempted to make bad decisions; Black, which will prioritize posts by other black posters, regardless of how relevant they are, and automatically avoid conversations with white people who “want to be allies;” and Pansexual, which will reward users with a “You’re Special!” pop-up each time they log into the platform.

The Pride subscription has many other identities to choose between and, according to Facebook, these features will be on offer to billions of users around the world with the addition of a complimentary pass to the failed Facebook Watch brand, which few people realized was even still running.

In the Middle East and China, however, the subscription service will just be called “Tangerine” and will only offer the ability to quick-post and schedule regular praises to the country’s authoritarian leadership as well as to silence dissident accounts for up to 48 months. 

Some early critics of the paid-subscription service accuse Facebook of piggybacking on Twitter’s “Blue” launch, exacerbating the tribalism already present on the platform, and misappropriating Pride and diversity simply for the sake of making more money. Facebook, though, has already released a retort simply saying “That doesn’t sound like us,” which has stifled most of their critics.

Pride activates this Sunday and will be priced at $3.14, although nobody yet understands the connection between Pride and Pi.

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