Country led by misogynistic sociopath shocked that another country has female leader. Further astounded by exceptional approval ratings


Citizens of the United States react in degrees of confusion and dumbfoundedness when introduced to the notion that there are other countries in the world with female leaders. Even a name as ubiquitous as Angela Merkel, the longtime chancellor of Germany, catches the public off guard. As it turns out many have been privately convinced that Angela is merely “a German version of the name Dwight.” One might be tempted to believe that such a confusion highlights the extent to which ignorance is prevalent in the American worldview however the depths do not end here. Once introduced to Jacinda Ardern, the current Prime Minister of New Zealand who recently hit 60% approval ratings, many are visibly shaken and react with hostile defensiveness.

One anonymous gentleman from Jonesboro, Arkansas, spoke indicatively of the American attitude towards female leaders in general, “If an experienced politician like Hillary Clinton can lose an election to a TV star even when carrying the popular vote I think that just goes to show you that a woman can’t ever be President. Not ever.” Other commentators were even less charitable, relating various stereotypes about women’s fitness for leadership and declaring “It’s probably not a very serious place if you can let a woman be president. Let alone do well for it.” While some members of the public, male and female, were quick to describe the faults of their own President – a vicious sociopath and alleged racist, misogynist, and fraudster – there was no lack of equivocation when it came to evaluating complications from a prospective female presidency. Most concerns seem to stem from a unclear reproductive argument regarding pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause while some believe that women are also habitual liars – not unlike most politicians. You can imagine their surprise then to learn that PM Ardern, again who has hit exceptional approval ratings ahead of her reelection bid, has given birth while in office. Many found themselves speechless or in the throes of conviction that New Zealand (famously the shooting location for the popular Lord of the Rings film trilogy) must not really exist.

In New Zealand, impressions have been very different. A member of the opposition party spoke admiringly of his country’s PM, “I think she has handled Christchurch shootings very well, just like she has handled her PMS, and I commend her. I also commend her choice for the baby name.”

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