Company that came out of the woodwork to let you know about their covid plan is back at it again posting a black square on social media after months of silence


Big Gregg’s Albacore Tuna Distributors was quick to join the worldwide #Blackout trend on Tuesday, June 2nd after months of silence. The notoriously reclusive business hadn’t made a post since they caught everyone off guard by sharing a generic COVID-19 plan back in early 2020 – a move that lost them over 50 followers who had forgotten they were subscribed in the first place. Posting again on social media in response to the George Floyd murder and subsequent riots, their accompanying message read “Big Gregg’s Tuna Distributors oppose racism and stand together with the Black Community during this time #BLM.” 

Activists and consumers were quick to praise the Gibraltar-based company for having the conviction to do the right thing at the time it matters most. One consumer living in the Spanish town of Marbella had this to say: “It’s really reassuring to know that the Albacore Tuna Distributors stand against racism because for a second there I didn’t know which way they were going to fall. Their typical lack of social media posting leaves a void of uncertainty around their ethics but I’m happy they made the right choice. I don’t see it as virtue signaling at all. Because of this instagram post I now truly believe that this company – whatever that means – is a bastion of anti-racism.”

Excitement continues to build as rumour of a deal to send free Tuna to protesters across the USA reaches fever pitch. Asked about the rumours, Big Gregg has yet to respond. Typical.

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