CIVIL WAR! Americans contentiously divided by whether they think CNN analyst is overpaid


As the US Election dragged into day three of what has become an affair the pace of a Tree Ent bible reading, two sides have emerged as clear opponents in this highly charged election. With little middleground to seed and the stakes high, the question of whether CNN’s John King is overpaid could be the most tuned-in for battle of this election season. 

John King, otherwise known as “that guy who stands by the election map”, is a veteran CNN analyst and this election cycle particularly has seen him take the spotlight decisively. Over the course of five days Mr King stood by the election map resolutely, offering critical news updates as large tallies of mail-in votes were slowly tabulated. To some, his constant reminders that “the votes that are being counted now are mail-in ballots, these are legitimate votes, and these heavily lean for Biden” indicated a stoic leader, a paragon of truth and virtue deserving of every dollar he earned. To others, however, his repetition was headache inducing.

Charlie Saturday, 57, from Harvard Connecticut, tuned into CNN for over 53 hours as they continued to provide election coverage through Wednesday – a process he found excruciating. “I used to love CNN,” he declared a little too passionately, “but if they think quality news content is just having the same guy say the same things, hour after hour, until I blow my brains out then I think they need to revisit how they spend money.

The virtue of the 24 hour news cycle is to incite my base emotional triggers of fear, disgust, curiosity, and prestige with hundreds of updates on totally overexaggerated localized issues. But this, this was the opposite. This is mind-numbing, anodyne, twittery of the highest order. It’s a joke! If John King earns more than $70k a year then CNN has lost my vote. It might be time to switch over to Fox News.”

On the other side of the divide, Louise Lowery, a grocer from just outside the Bay Area, is in total admiration about Mr King’s performance. “The fact that he was able to stand up there for hours on end, under the heat of those lights, and perform how he did…Upholding a commitment to genuine journalism… I thought it was just marvellous. I used to do some acting so I understand how much pressure he was under to repeat the same lines over, and over, and over, and over again. It’s like a professional Meisner exercise – and on the biggest stage. Someone give that man a raise! He’s an inspiration to us all.”

With thousands of votes still to be tabulated potentially over the course of many days, this debate, which is splitting families at the seams, could still reach critical mass as John King returns to the board hour by hour, day by day, to reinforce the simple profundity: “every. vote. needs to be counted.”

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