Canadian soccer fans bemoan national team which once again failed to qualify for the Euros


While many soccer fans around the world celebrate the return of international soccer, this summer, Canadian fans once again bemoan the fact their national team will not be partaking in any of the prestigious tournaments in 2021. Some fans are especially bitter that the Canadian men’s national team failed to qualify for the European Championships (Euros) for the 16th time in a row, while lesser countries like Finland and North Macedonia make their debut in the competition this year.

“I’m livid, I really am,” rages Dale Jeffries, from Fawcett, Alberta. A rural town of only a couple thousands inhabitants. “The quality of soccer in this country is terrible and the fact that we didn’t make the Euros this year really says all you need to know. You’ve got countries I’ve never even heard of like Denmark and Spain playing, but Canada can’t beat those minnows? It’s a joke!”

Bob Anderson, who regularly talks about European soccer even though he’s only watched three Champions League games in two years and refers to the English Premier League as the “EPL,” shares this disappointment. “I try to be optimistic but it’s the same every year. Like don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect us to be competing in the Copa America anytime soon – there are some gnarly teams in there like Brazil and Ecuador, who I’m pretty sure have a good team – but to miss the Euros again is a kick in the teeth. How do North Macedonia make it but not us? The answer: we’re a bad team. We’re like the equivalent of Somalia when they play Ice Hockey.”

A particularly discerning patron of a Toronto bar opined similarly, “The Euros are such an exciting time and it’s awesome to get the chance to watch some of the best players play for their country. But it also hurts, you know, when you’re watching the likes of North Macedonia and Finland and you have to wonder why our team isn’t good enough to make the tournament each year. Like I’m not surprised that Canada doesn’t make the World Cup because you’ve got the best teams from all over the world. But the Euros? I figure we should have had a shot by now.”

This sentiment is very prevalent among Canadian fans, although there is some optimism on the horizon. Though the Canadian team is ranked #70 in the world, many fans are excited that the team is about to see a golden generation of players with the likes of Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich), Jonathan David (Lille), and Liam Miller (Liverpool) coming into the team in the last couple years.

“Let’s be honest – we’re a hockey first country,” implores recreational soccer coach, David Friend, “soccer is largely a sport played by schoolgirls and kids of South American and African immigrants. We can’t expect to just magically have a good team, especially considering only three Canadian teams play in the MLS,” he says sensibly. “But I really believe we have a lot of quality players coming into our team now who can propel us into the Euros next time around.”

Despite the promise of quality, however, it remains to be seen whether they will ever qualify for the Euros considering, as a North American country, they aren’t actually eligible.

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