Biden and Trudeau reset US-Canada relationship with words of affirmation


Joe Biden made his first foray into foreign policy as United States President by meeting with his Canadian counterpart, Justin Trudeau over an official zoom call today. It has long been customary for US Presidents to make a meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister their first priority as they acquaint themselves with various leaders around the world; however, on this occasion, the meeting was anything but customary. 

Biden and Trudeau had already known each other when Biden served as US Vice-President under Barack Obama from 2009-2017 and the Canadian Prime Minister was more than thrilled to have his old, old friend back after a tumultuous four year relationship with Donald Trump. 

“I really missed you,” began Trudeau, endearingly, which set the tone for the rest of the call. For over half an hour the Canadian PM expressed his regrets and hopes through various words of affirmation. 

“You are so special to me,” he told Biden on at least three different occasions. “After you left I spent some time with someone else but I regretted every minute of it,” Trudeau admitted.

“Did he have an orange complexion, a brash attitude, and a mouth that never shut up?” asked the President, to which Trudeau nodded his affirmation. “I understand.”

The meeting continued in this fashion with Trudeau flipping between praise for his counterpart and ruminating on how the rekindling of this relationship made him feel. 

“You make me feel alive and I am lucky that you are my partner,” he said, before continuing, “You inspire me by the fact that you remember who I am and I really appreciate it when you talk about my pipeline.”

Biden was highly responsive throughout, bestowing his own affections on the Canadian PM whom he regularly called “son” or “young Joe.”

“I want you to know that I’m proud of you, son,” was a refrain the President came back to on several occasions. While in a particularly poignant moment he confessed “I thought we were done. But you’ve shown me that you have great character and it was thinking of you that inspired me to run for President last year. Thank you, young Joe. I’m impressed that they haven’t voted you out yet.”

The meeting did take a raunchy turn about halfway through when the two Premieres started talking business.

Referencing their economic relationship Trudeau expressed to Biden “I want you to be on top.”

Responding with his geographical expertise, Biden teased “No, no, no, I think you’re the one on top.”

The call ultimately finished with some ceremonial “I love you’s” and both parties were clearly delighted to have reset their relationship and be committed to each other once again.

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