Andrew Yang criticized for mental health comments

Spencer Platt/Getty Images


New York Democratic mayoral candidate, Andrew Yang, has faced scrutiny over comments he made regarding mentally ill people at this week’s debate. When the candidates were asked how they would address homelessness and mental health in the city, Yang could barely conceal his ire: “You know, we’ve got a real problem in this city. I’m not afraid to say it. We’ve got a real problem with the crazies in this town. The wackos. The psychos. The nutjobs. The lunatics. The loons. The kooks. The cuckoos. The cranks. The maniacs. The wackadoodles. The headcases and the basketcases. 

It’s a serious issue that has been going on for quite some time now and if we don’t stamp it out soon we are in real danger of losing our city to these people. The lunatics could literally be running the asylum.”

Despite Yang’s comments making many of the other candidates visibly uncomfortable, he continued: “A lot of you will say the crazies have rights. But you know who else has rights? We do! The families and workers. The normal people of NYC. I was watching television the other day and I saw a clown on the subway car straight up murder some passengers. And then, he killed a talk show host! Live on air! This is a war people and I can promise you that a crazy person will not think twice before murdering you and your entire family. We’re talking about people who can’t tell the difference between a banana and a telephone. Between a Big Mac and their ex-wife. Do you seriously think they have the capacity to distinguish right and wrong?”

Although the moderator appeared to walk back Yang’s comments, he doubled down: “I do believe it is a war. And every New Yorker is a potential victim. But you know who else is? Tourists. Now you and me, we’re seasoned New Yorkers but what is a guy from Toledo, Ohio going to think when he sees some of- you know – I was walking through Times Square the other day and do you know what I saw? A naked man, dressed as a cowboy! I kid you not. He was carrying a guitar. In all my years I have never seen anything like it.

And that’s not all. You know what else? Times Square is full of literally dozens of men, and women, who believe they are Elmo. That’s right, from Sesame Street. They’re running all over the place, harassing tourists, who are absolutely terrified and who will probably never return.

This is not my NYC. The city I know is kind and tolerant and safe and calm. New Yorkers say please and thank you, they don’t walk out in the middle of traffic or scream obscenities at each other. Elect Andrew Yang and Make New York Sane Again.”

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