American sports franchise on the verge of unveiling stale new chant

Fans Jeremy Leyva, left, and Dominic Cruz, both of Lorain, Ohio, cheer during an NFL football game between the Tennessee Titans and the Cleveland Browns Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, in Cleveland. The Browns won 28-14. (AP Photo/David Richard)


The NFL’s Cleveland Browns are gearing up for an exciting new season when the NFL kicks off on Thursday, September 10. Despite the Coronavirus limiting audience participation for the foreseeable future, their team is set to target their best finish in decades and their fans have designed a fearsome new chant to commemorate the moment. After months of designing, testing, and rehearsing, long-suffering Browns fans are now ready to unveil their brand new chant: “Play! Team! Play!

For the un-inducted, American sports matches are a perplexing spectacle. Each match is an exhibition of elite athleticism and intricate strategy. The money invested and created by these sports speaks for itself and one often wonders just how soon it will be until they are global institutions. But at the match itself you’d be forgiven for wondering if anyone was actually paying attention. American sports are primarily social affairs. A place for friends and colleagues to buy overpriced pizza and popcorn and get wasted over the course of three hours. A quick glance away from the field, court, or rink of play, illuminates this in the form of a shirtless, rotund man with a letter painted over his chest, throwing up at his feet to the mixed delight and rancor of his friends. 

However, between music played over the loud-speakers, broadcasters announcing zany moments like the “Seventh Inning Stretch,” and the regular stoppages in play, there are a few critical moments for fans to return to sport and support their team in united voice. Many a team has been buffeted on to victory by the chorus of “Let’s go! [Team Name]! Let’s go!” Some teams find their secret sauce in a successful rendition of the classic “Aww-fence (dun-dun-dun)!” or “Dee-fence (dun-dun-dun)!” while others are supercharged by fans loudly spelling out their team name. In an American arena simplicity seems to be best; as the majority in this pantheon of war cries are just as easy to elicit whether you are on your sixth birthday or on your sixth pint.

Returning to Cleveland, lifelong Browns fan, Pat McDoofey, speaks about his excitement in adding a brand new chant to the terraces of the FirstEnergy Stadium. “We’re on the cusp of something big. Being a Browns fan has meant that most of life has been lived in shame, but we’ve drafted well and built a good team with some serious star players – we’re ready to win. The only thing missing was a new chant to help push our team over the line and I think we’ve got a doozy.

We already had our ‘Let’s Go! Browns!’ and the ‘Dog Pound’ stuff, we even have some player specific ones like ‘Jar-vis Lan-dry! (dun-dun-dududum) He-is awe-some!’ but I felt like something was missing in the classic department. Then it hit me! What do these guys do? What do we come here to watch them do? Play! We watch them play! What are they good at? Playing! So I thought ‘there we go! Play! Team Play!’  You might call me an optimist but I think it’s going to become iconic, like the Tomahawk Chop or ‘We Love Baseball’. 

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