Amazon trademarking phrase “drone strike” after being granted approval for autonomous drone delivery


2020 isn’t over yet which means before the year is out we may be able to add “Drone Strikes” to the list of atrocities which has beset our planet in this remarkably chaotic year. Today Amazon surmounted a critical challenge in their bid to revolutionize their already rapid delivery systems. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted them approval to deliver packages by drone in a move that looks likely to change the future of delivery services and boost the profile of a company already one of the biggest in the world. Promptly after the verdict was rendered, leaked documents show that Amazon are pushing ahead with a plan to trademark the phrase “Drone Strike” for use in their checkout processes.

If the language is understood correctly the phrase ‘Drone Strike’ will replace the phrase “Shipping” in most locations across the website. Instead of being asked for one’s shipping address, customer’s will be asked to “Call down a Drone Strike” at their residence or business. Further, the language associated with their Prime subscription services will also be amended. Instead of being eligible for two day delivery customers can expect “guaranteed hits within 48 hours of target procurement.” 

Before customers take advantage of this leap into the future it’s worth noting that there are some important caveats. Customers will need to be aware that under legal approvals these deliveries will only be able to handle payloads of up to 5 lbs. This means that items heavier will revert back to classic ICBM style delivery. Furthermore by ordering a “Drone Strike” Amazon waives responsibility for any collateral damage such as broken fences or flattened cats.

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